5 Easy Steps to Sell Your House

Step #1:  Enter your address in the form below and let us know the best way to contact you.

Step #2:  We’ll do some research to determine the value of the property.

Step #3:  One of our team members will contact you to set an appointment to visit the property.  

( *If you’re not available to meet us, we may still conduct an in-person site visit. )

Step #4:  We will make you a fair cah offer for your property.

Step #5:  We’ll close and take the house off your hands so that you can get on with your life.

Other things to consider:

As long as your property fits our criteria, we can get through these steps in about a week.  Then it’s just a matter of scheduling a closing. That can happen at one of the title companies we use regularly or at your attorney’s office.  We’re flexible.

Finally, we’ve done an awful lot of these, and there’s not many things better than handing you a cashier’s check and taking over your problem house 🙂  Picture yourself, check in hand, 5 minutes after we close.  Then think of the first thing you plan to do now that you don’t have this house to worry about anymore.

We hope that you’ll be open to sharing a testimonial of how good an experience you had working with us.  Of course, you are not obligated.  You’re more than welcome to take the cash and run!  Either way, we look forward to working with you.

When you sell us your house!